Zack Taylor Weiss - Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Art Director

Always forward, that is the mantra.

After releasing the epic double album, Empty Ship, last year, Apres Pompeii is looking ahead.  Empty Ship was a labor of love—a culmination of years of writing and recording.  There were obstacles abound: time, cost, the array of learning curves that come with self producing a record on the fly; but they were all dealt with in their own way and the result was a staggering, twenty-song, story.  The record was wide-sweeping and genre-defying, intricate and intimate, humble yet grandiose.  In a way it was a travelling tale: a story of movement, of running, of self discovery facilitated by strange locations.

The only place left to go is inward. 

Apres Pompeii is currently entering a new era. Gospels is an ongoing project that will take form over the whole of 2013. With a full length album and seven EPs planned for the year (encompassing approximately forty songs in total), the path to its completion will undoubtedly be long and toilsome.  This project’s focus is on the internal struggles and relationships that inform the way we interact with the world.    As with his last album, Apres Pompeii is sure to deliver an eclectic batch of songs.  As with most long journeys, the destination will be well worth the struggle.