"When you peer up into the night sky and look at the stars and the planets, what do you see?  Do you see the concrete: the gaseous light breaking through space and time to your eyes, the frozen bits of rock and sediment? Or do you see the divine: an overwhelming vastness, too wide for us to ever see, too complex to ever truly know? I see us reflected up there.  We are both concrete and divine.  We are matter, but we are soul. This is the sound of me trying to reconcile the infinite with a finite mind."

Apres Pompeii has just announced Gospels, massive project consisting of 7 EPs and a full length all to be released over the course of 2013.  The first of these EPs, “Satellite 1,” is scheduled for release on January 29 and the subsequent EPs will be released approximately once a month.

The goal of Gospels is to provide a musical interpretation of our Solar System, with the EPs corresponding to the various sets of natural satellites and the full length containing all of the planets.  Lyrically, the songs draw inspiration from Greek mythology, updating the allegories for a modern audience. Each release will be accompanied by corresponding artwork painted by Apres Pompeii.

Musically, Gospels will be eclectic and wide-reaching, dipping into many different genres. “Satellite 1,” the first release for this project, revolves around Earth’s moon.  The songs included on this EP are slightly rough around the edges, yet spacious—evocative of the night sky. “Luna” is a jangling yet flowing rock song. “Selene” is a shifting folk ballad complete with banjo and clarinet.

Each EP is structured to stand independently, but when the entire project is complete, the songs will intersect in interesting ways, referencing one another, flowing together in unique patterns.

As with all of Apres Pompeii’s music, Gospels will be available for free at www.aprespompeii.com as well as at aprespompeii.bandcamp.com with a possible physical release after the project is complete.

For up-to-date news and bonus material, follow aprespompeii.tumblr.com